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About Us

Our Story

Widowork Is a unit of White Sense Pvt Ltd. Our Main mission is to bring a change in the business providing services. Widowork comes into the picture when a business is struggling to get the right sources of services for their business or for their personal affairs and in another case When someone is not getting the proper response from their business. We can provide some business development strategies and we can help improve your business services and this gives you an insight about us.

How can we be the savior? We are a service providing business and we provide all the services related to the business. So what will happen you will get your work done in a single place and your work will be in the right hand.

What do we do?

When it comes to the services, everyone expects quality work and a good turnaround time. We at Widowork make sure that our clients are getting proper attention and getting the quality work they expect us to provide.

Widowork provides all the services. We could name a few here. We provide Digital Marketing Services. Digital Marketing consultant Ecommerce digital marketing, creative digital marketing. Graphic design services such as 3d graphic design, creative logo design, on-demand graphic design. Social media post design, Graphically designed posters, Graphic designed banners.

Web design and development services, WordPress web design, Custom Web Design, Website maintenance package. We provide affordable web design. When it comes to social media we provide Social media digital marketing, Social media marketing management, social media campaign, Facebook ads, Instagram ads.

We also provide Sound development services.

Super Efficient

We Believe in being super-efficient in the work that is the most valuable point about us. Efficiency plays a very crucial role in good work and good work leads to good places.

Deeply Committed

We are committed to our work or duty. When someone gives us their work and trusts us with the outcome so we take that very seriously and provide the best we can, and these words about us flow in the marketing. We are not the ones who are saying these words.

Highly Skilled

You give us your work thinking you will get what you wanted, So it’s our duty to we make sure we have the people in our company who can meet the expectations of our customer and deliver the results which our customer have in their mind.