We won’t make this very hard for you by using typical language or jargon in this article. The main motive of this article is to provide you with the basic and utmost knowledge of this search engine optimization so you can do website optimization. We will explain a few simple techniques of SEO. If you will use these steps then you can customize your website for SEO. 

Search Engine Website Optimization Easy way

Search Engine is very important for your website because it lets search engines see your website. The search engine is a code and a code does not have eyes as we humans do. This makes it easy to understand that we have to use the language or a few steps. So it becomes easy to find certain things on our website. This whole process of doing things to make our website visible to the search engine is called search engine optimization.

We will discuss a technique that you can use on your website and you will see the difference in the organic result very soon. This is a very effective technique and it is not explained this easily anywhere. We are writing this article not to just provide content on the website. We are writing this to spread the knowledge to people.

Keywords Optimization

The keywords are the main component that will help in optimizing the content on your website. Keywords are the query that a user put in the search engine to search for what that person is searching for. The first step is doing research on keywords research. This step has to be done in a proper way otherwise results won’t be good, so make sure you do it right. 

Website Keywords optimization

After you have your keywords then you have to select the keywords for which you want your website to rank. Select those keywords and then you have to perform a few tasks. Which will increase the chances of your website getting a higher rank. All you have to do is just optimize the content of your website as per the keywords you have selected. That means you have to use those particular keywords in your content. This will help google search engine crawl your website. How can you use those keywords in your content we will explain to you. 

Steps To Follow

When you have your keywords, the first thing that keywords you have to use is in the title of your page post. Whatever post or page you are planning, you have to use the keyword in the product title first.

Once you are done with putting keywords in the title, next you have to put keywords in the URL of the page or post. This is very easy to do it. You just have to choose the custom URL option and then will have the option to change the URL. Once you are doing it you have to be very careful as the URL has to be changed in a proper format. Use – When you put keywords in the URL. This will help Google to identify that particular page. You also have to avoid creating too many redirects. In website optimization, creating too many redirects is highly avoided.

Keywords In Meta Fields And Content Of Page

The next place where you have to put the keyword is very important. You have to use the keywords throughout the content of your page and you also have to put keywords in the meta description. That means you have to write the content of your page according to the keywords that you have selected. When you write the content of your page or post. You have to make sure you are putting the keywords in the body and meta fields. This way this will increase the chance of getting a higher rank. 

What we have also noticed is people often make a box downside of the page and fill all the important keywords there. This way you have maximum keywords on that particular page.

Last but not least, you have to use keywords in the alt text of the images. Alt text of images means text that we use to define images to the google search engine. As the search engine is code that can not see the actual image. That only sees the

Website Optimization, Google Search Engine

These were the four places where you have to put your keywords. Once are done with this. Then it will increase your chance of getting a higher rank on search engines and overall it helps in website optimization. There are other factors too for coming on the first page, but surely if you put keywords this way then chances of getting a higher rank will increase. Another factor of coming on the first page is domain authority, how many backlinks your page has matters a lot.  How well structured is your website matters a lot. There are other factors too. So if you have read this article till here please don’t forget to comment down and tell us did you really feel it helpful.

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